Property Management


As property managers our number one priority for our owners is tenant screening.  When done correctly this will result in less turn over, less wear and tear and will greatly increase your return on investment(ROI).

We also understand cash flow is the single most important factor to a rental property owner and the traditional property management fee structure as a percentage can hinder your success as a rental property owner.  Why should a rental property with a higher monthly rent than another property have a higher fee The work is the same for both properties, but one owner pays more.  Our flat fee structure is based on whether its a condo or single family residence and nothing else.

As an owner you will be provided with access to a secure web based software to view financial statements 24/7 and provided with monthly and year end tax statements.

Tenants will also be able to go online to apply, pay rent, submit maintenance request and keep track of the terms and lease.


  • Flat management fee: Condos $65 mo. / Single Family $90 mo. We only collect when we collect the rent!!


  • One time set up fee $200. Includes property inspection, placing sign, showing property, move in/out detailed reports, preparing monthly and year end statements (1099's) and listing on all major rental sites including Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, Redfin, and additional websites. 


  • Unlike our competitors, you will not find other rental properties listed on our website, we only market our clients properties 100% of the time!!  If we have no rentals listed that's because all of our properties are leased.   

Tenant Screening Service:

  • Verify information on application.
  • Obtain credit/criminal report.
  • Verify employment/income.
  • Interview current and past landlords.

No Fees:

  • No leasing fee.  We never understand why our competitors charge a leasing fee.  
  • No lease renewal fee. Again, if we do our job correctly with tenant screening we will have better tenants, less turn over resulting in increasing returns for the owners. Why punish the tenant or owner?
  •  Free six month home inspection. (small fee will replace HVAC filters quarterly)
  •  No hidden or extra charges.

Additional services:

  • Evictions.
  • Maintenance.  
  • Vacation/2nd home inspections.
  • Listing and buying of propertiesWe list clients properties at 1.5%.


We will make your ownership of the property as seamless, stress free and profitable as possible.